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Writing my way to healing

I’m Carlana, and I am a writer, story guide, and holder of safe spaces for women.

My journey into writing and working with women started in 2013. I was just coming out of a physically and emotionally abusive marriage and had stumbled my way into therapeutic and journal writing. From the moment I put pen on paper and wrote the things that wore on my heart, I felt my healing journey begin. Since then, I have been writing my way to healing and wholeness.

I also began exploring the therapeutic power of writing. Writing is healing, it is transformative, it brings perspective and reflection. And for me, it is the way that I connect with who I am at my core, and it is the way back home to me.

I now offer writing and journaling workshops, and one-on-one sessions for women. My clients are women who are ready to meaning of their stories and get closure from the past. They are doing the inner work and excited about writing a new chapter and plot twist for the story of their life.

Become the heroine of your story

What if the answers to the questions you seek and the solutions to the problems you face were right at the tip of your pen? And what if I told you that sometimes the healing and the validation you seek can come from being honest with yourself, grabbing a journal, a pen and emptying the things you carry deep within on paper? Wouldn't that be worth exploring?

So many times we look for answers without while they are often within. Deep soul journaling, therapeutic writing and storytelling are powerful and accessible means that we all can explore to bring about healing, gain closure, experience a profound sense of self awareness and access the rich and rewarding experience that comes from engaging our Inner Voice.

Words can heal and they can hurt. During my years in an abusive marriage and the subsequent demise of that relationship, my soul's cry, penned on paper helped preserve my sanity and hope. We are never left helpless and hopeless. I had my pen, journal, faith and desire to be real about my life even if only paper. They were all I really needed. They changed my life and may just do the same for you.

  • Books and courses designed to help you honor your truth and become the heroine of your story

  • Quarterly workshops and events on therapeutic writing and other topics to help women create their best lives

  • Twice a month I speak with inspiring women who are living intentionally, authentically, and wholeheartedly

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Kind Words

  • At first, I was skeptical about this writing thing. But I figured I had nothing to lose so I decided to just put pen to paper and see where it took me. I feel lighter, freer. Thank you.

    Erica James Consultant
  • I think I can feel free and be whole. Maybe for the first time, ever. I'm learning to accept my truth and I am also discovering my strength. Journaling has become a gift to me. I'm so glad you introduced me to it.

    E. Arnold Hostess

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